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There are a lot of misconceptions around concussions and subsequent impact. We have decided to be an institute rather than a clinic, because we feel strongly about providing education along with being a community partner. We will also be collaborating with various community partners to provide free talks and town hall meetings to address concerns and potential misconceptions about concussions.

We will be providing free ongoing educational resources starting with our brief “Concussion Myth-busters” video series. WATCH NOW >>

Upcoming video topics include:

  • Concussion causes life-long damage
  • There are a magic number of concussions each person can get
  • Kids should not play football
  • Concussions can only be managed not treated
  • I can just wait out a concussion and return back to 100%
  • I cannot go directly to a concussion specialist and should go to the ER or urgent care first

Community engagement

Community engagement is a core principle of our institute. Because of this, you will often see Dr. Caze providing free sideline coverage at Friday Night Football games and other youth sporting events with potentially high rates of injury.

We are in the process of forming an advisory with local and national experts. Our goal is not to simply provide education, but to learn from the community about their fears and needs around this injury.

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Community Engagement

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